"Retirement gives one time to do all kinds of new things and explore areas of interest. I have been intrigued by yoga for years but never followed through on my interest. Yoga Roots' gentle classes have given me the opportunity to physically stretch my body, connect my mind to my body and care for myself in a new way, and helped to change my mindset to be less judgmental and critical of myself and others.  It has improved the quality of my life physically and mentally, and I am very grateful." - Sallie Thompson

"Being a total beginner I felt welcomed, included and most importantly not judged. I can't tell you enough what amazing energy your space has and you can FEEL the love in the room itself. We live in Cadillac but spend our weekends in Petoskey and I'm up there lots traveling for work. We can't wait to be back. ​Thanks for sharing such a magical space with us."​
-Kalin Franks

"This is an amazing studio where you can comfortably learn the art of yoga and develop your own practice as you grow. The teachers are warm, inviting and love what they do."

-Erin Robinson

"The best yoga studio I have found yet. All the instructors are fully aware of how it works. Look inward, be your breath, DO IT! Love you guys!"

- Megan Meyer

“I achieved yoga bliss through the guidance of the talented women at Yoga Roots.  My bliss took a while to achieve, six months of practice. Yoga and diet have given me the best body I have had in 30 years. I smile more and have a lighter step all day after a good core work out. Beginner and gentle yoga have given me a mental peace. My knees do not hurt and I have experienced relief from back pain. So if you are overweight with high blood pressure or any sort of challenge, I urge you to give yoga a try.”

- Dan Adams

Our studio is open to anyone at any level

You need no previous knowledge or to purchase any equipment

Come as you are, we will take care of the rest.

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