Of note: Our door is locked at the beginning of class. This keeps student's belongings safe and prevents interruption from deliveries and inquiries. Please take weather conditions into consideration when leaving home. We are open on snow days and do not close due to weather conditions, just give yourself plenty of time to get here safely. 

Curious how Yoga Roots got started? 

Wondering what's up with the Tibetan singing bowls?

Check out podcast #22 Talking to Spirit with studio founder Tiffany Lenau.

What if I have never done yoga before?  We are happy to support you, beginner and gentle classes are a great place to start.  Yoga meets you where you are, poses are easily modified and can be practiced by students of all ages, fitness levels and body types. 

What do I wear?  Clothing that is comfortable so you can move freely. Layers are nice and allow you to regulate your body temperature for the cool down and relaxation at the end of class.

Do I need to reserve space?  No, it is not necessary to reserve space. We do encourage students to arrive early, 5-15 minutes early to get settled in and have some time to center yourself before class starts. (Peak summer time, July and August, it is especially good to arrive early).

Can I sign up and reserve classes online? Yes, some students prefer to register before hand and our online sign-up makes it simple. If planing ahead and reserving your spot in class encourages you to be accountable to your practice please feel free to reserve. 

Do I need any equipment? We offer clean, high quality mats and props at no extra cost. You are welcome to bring your own if you like, but it is not necessary.  

444 E Mitchell St, Petoskey - Enter through back door off the alley, best parking lot is the Livery Lot off of Michigan Street

​(231) 838-8992