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Self Care During the Darkest Days

Winter is upon us and it's time to look at how our self-care practices change.

Hello Online Community

Hope everyone is doing well during this dark time of the year, still finding a way to feel that holiday cheer. I have my small traditions to keep my mood up in the winter. I start my mornings with time by my full spectrum happiness lamp. I light candles in the evenings and put up twinkle lights for ambiance. I try to bundle up and get out into nature every couple of days, get fresh air and that mother earth medicine. Bath bombs are the bomb and I highly recommend some kind of bath ritual, salts, essential oils, flowers, candles, music and even singing, because those bathroom acoustics can't be beat.

Of course we have our yoga practice, I find myself doing longer meditations and more heat building breathing practices. It's a really nice time to go inward and practice restorative yoga poses, long holds with blankets and eye pillows, making yourself a cocoon.

This year I have decided to build a snow fort and I am anticipating the next downfall of snow. I had good fun mixing snow, water and non-toxic dies to create ice color blocks for building before Thanksgiving and then we had a thaw. I am now an artist who waits for their medium to fall from the sky. Yesterday we had a dusting of snow and I got excited at the sight of the first flake. Unfortunately, it was not enough to build. How fun to feel my mood change around winter snowfall to have anticipation and excitement like a child. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Curious how you change your routine in the winter to support your physical and mental health. What does your self care routine look like and how does it change? Please comment below and to help inspire your yoga friends.

Lots of love,



Our latest episode of our podcast just dropped. Have a listen. It tells the story of how Yoga Roots came about. First aired in 2018 this interview with Solomon Harvey will teach you some fun facts about the community we all love.


If you are in a place to treat yourself this holiday season you might want to consider our retreat weekend. Held in a private home in Harbor Springs with access to hiking trails, Lake Michigan, sauna and art studio. You will have daily sound baths, restorative yoga, two nights accommodations and nourishing meals. A cacao ceremony is planned for New Year's Eve.

Space is limited.

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