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Katie Marchbanks: Your Sound Healing Experience

Katie Marchbanks of KLM Yoga & Healing Arts offers a customized sound healing and energy healing experience. Your appointment includes a brief consultation, Tibetan singing bowl sound healing and bowl massage, Reiki Master energy healing, and aromatherapy for a unique form of relaxation. While music attuned to a specific frequency is played, lie back and put on noise cancelling headphones to receive gentle vibrations through The Wave Table- a customized massage table equipped with subwoofers.  

Reiki is Spirit Guided Universal Life Force Energy, or plain and simply pure Love.  It is a stress reduction and relaxation technique used on one’s self, others, plants, animals and even our food. To book Your Sound Healing Experience, contact Katie Marchbanks. 

Call or Text 989.400.1520      $100/60 minutes

Tiffany Lenau
Positional Release Therapy - Reiki Energy Healing- Sound Healing - Private Yoga Instruction

Positional Release Therapy is gentle and effective for the treatment of chronic muscular pain and for increasing range of motion. It uses facilitated stretches and gentle massage to bring muscles into a position of relaxation where deeply held tensions are released. Relief is often immediate and long lasting.
Yoga poses and breath work practices will be offered to encourage continued self care. Expect to learn simple practices specific to your needs which will help you keep your body in balance. Each session ends with the peaceful vibrations of Sound Healing using antique Tibetan singing bowls and gong. Reiki Energy Healing which is the icing on the cake, allows for a deep relaxation of mind and spirit.

Tiffany uniquely blends her skills and services to support each individual and request that all appointments be made by phone. 231.838.8992        
      $99/90 minutes   

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